The Triple Basers at Bataleon have gone all irie, not brushed their hair in months and are all mad stoked on that Haile Selassie dude for this limited edition Batazion.

Yep, they even collaborated with reggae legend Yellowman to cut some exclusive reggae tracks that can be downloaded for free from the Bataleon LTD page.

Here's but a taste of the lyrical wizardry...

"Di shape born badda dan dem, an go jibbiger dan dem

All dem boards flat u kno ah mi set di tbt trend

Mi ride quicker dan dem, mi no catch edge like dem

mi ah di tbt, mi ah di woodcore dem, mi ah di brand, mi ah di stem"

Erm, selecta. The shape is based on next year's Evil Twin which is a totally new version of the already kick ass TWIN TBT shape. This new shape features a new lower nose shape, multiple radius, extra TBT kick after the effective edge, new sizes and the width is sitting in between the goliath/jam and classic ET/Riot shapes. Feedback from their riders like Tyler Chorlton, DBK and Tore Holvik has been killer, with those three claiming it to be their favourite twin.

Here's some tech skinny...

NEW ET Shape

Available in 151 - 154 - 157

Sintered Base with Hand Die-Cut in 3 colors

Full Color Sidewall + Printing

High Gloss Lacquered Topsheet with Goldflake effect

Full HD digital print



As they say, Jah For It!