This Saturday, 21st of February, you´ll find 80 young freestyle snowboarders at a 300 meter long slopestyle-parcours killing it! The so-called Bataleon Rookie Attack takes place in Wildhaus Switzerland. The snowpark consists of a two kickerline, a mini-quarter and some boxes.

The best kid wins a 3 days-ticket for the Open Air St. Gallen. This price should motivate the young dudes to show some dirty feats but not forget having a nice time, meeting some new friends and pushing each other! Hey but don´t matter, in the end everyone will get pretty cool stuff from the event-sponsors Bataleon, Spy and Vans. If anyone wants to watch this grandiose contest, entry for free!

Moreover this contest is a kind of promotion for young blood, has been doing for a few years. " At the Bataleon Rookie Attack the kids strengthen their selfesteem for competitions and with a good position in ranking they get the chance to be noticed by some scouts!" told us Andreas Roth, head of .

Ay before I forget.. After the contest the attendants (over 16 years) can go to the " Snow Werk Party" in the Kraftwerk club in Krummenau. For the partypeople a shuttlebus was arranged between Wildhaus in Krummenau. So party on kids!