On Friday December 19th peal your potato on the our rail at the Chalet Budokan in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. The contestants get the chance to win $1000 plus a bunch of Willy-Wallers two-thousand-and-six ... ! The Jib Snow Contest is based on the Quebec theme ... TABARNAK and will go down as a 2 hour jam session. Besides that a BBQ, a live DJ and an afterparty will keep those with short attention spans occupied. The goal of course is not getting second place, except when you are either a potatoe or rum connoisseur.

Prizes are as follows:

- 1st prize : $1000 - 2nd prize : 14 Willy Wallers and a potato bag - 3rd prize : a rhum bottle - Best Tricks : Axis goodies - Girls : Axis goodies

Final :

- one final for the 1st prize - one final for the second prize

The entree fee for the contest is € 10 and for the party only it will be € 10, too. Or you just buy the combined ticket for € 15!