Like snowboarding? Like photography? Course you do. So get your asses to Geneva tonight to check out the exhibition Überschnee, featuring work of three of the finest snappers in the game - Jerome Tanon, Matt Georges and Pat Vermeulen.

If we hadn't been so mental busy this week we'd have got this out there earlier, but all you need to know is that our Senior Photographer and experimentalist extraordinaire, Matt Georges, has buddied up with shred photography legend Pat Vermeulen (also the best old skateboarder we know and producer of some off the oddestly awesome music you can feed your ears) and freakishy talented up-and-comer Jerome Tanon to put on this photo exhibition in Geneva from 18:00 tonight.

Knowing these guys it won't be just your run of the mill 'photos in frames' affair; we're betting there's gonna be some mad artfaggery going on too, like Tanon's cyanotype experiments that you'll have seen in Onboard issue 115. You never know, Pat V and the Pat Vs might even take the stage and take you on an odyssey of experimental music.

Get there and check it out:

3 Rue Gourgas

1205 Geneva