Artec Snowboards, the most eagerly awaited independent snowboarding brand in recent years, has thrown down the gauntlet with the launch of a new website for winter 2007/08. As distinctive as the freestyle snowboarding brand itself, the new website cuts straight through the sea of industry sameness with its soon-to-be signature visual identity – bold and super-creative in equal measures.

The site showcases everything there is to know about Artec Snowboards, and provides the lowdown on the banging new line of men’s and women’s snowboards. Plus, get your tech kicks with in-depth insights into the cutting-edge technological innovations developed by the brand’s engineers. A user-friendly online store locator, meanwhile, guides visitors straight to the goods back in the real world.

And with Artec Snowboards storming the global snowboarding scene armed with one of the most progressive teams of pro riders in the game, visitors to the site will find dedicated team rider pages for each of the six shreds. Find out more about the likes of Gabe Taylor, Nima Jalali, Laura Hadar, Jake Devine, Gus Engle and Johnny Miller and peep the updated photo galleries while you’re there for all the latest action. With a team blog also gracing the site, it’ll be easier than ever to find out more about where, what and when the riders are charging. Short of neither character nor sense of humor, you can rest assured that every rider will be posting entertaining updates throughout the upcoming winter season.

On top of all that, the site also links straight through to the Artec Blueprint Series. If you haven’t already heard about it and have always wanted to ride a board featuring your own individually created topsheet graphic, you’ll be stoked. We’ll leave it at that.

Check out the new site today to find out what’s up: Artec Snowboards