Simon Holzknecht_03[1]

Simon Holzknecht

Check out the army of new, young talents Artec has gathered for their team! Better watch out for them, they will surely rock the snowboarding circuit in future but we're presenting them already now...

The Artec Global am Team features a crew of riders from all over Europe and the USA, which leads to complete diversity of riding skills and style. From the European Alps to Bear Mt, from the summit to the Street, their Ams are out there ripping in every situation.

Simon Holzknecht (AUT)

Arlberg Backcountry. St .Anton. Lech. Zürs. Stuben. Warth. Canada. This is Simon’s terrain. The Arlberg-Backcountry has been the place where Simon throws down regularly. Simon lives snowboarding, rides contests and is working on getting shots all year round.

Pat Lynch (USA)

Pat is originally from the Midwest, but feels now at home on the westcoast, where he's showing his impressive skills in the Bear Mt. Park everyday. You can also admire him in films of the Autumn Line crew.

Roald Christoffersen_Rail[1]
Roald Christoffersen

The Christoffersen Twins (NOR)

Roald and Knut can't always be told apart, but you can be sure they rule, whether they are ripping the grassy hills near their parents' farm in Norway when snow hasn't fallen yet, or they're rocking the mountains when snow has finally come in.

Will Hughes (GBR)

A true English Gentleman who's spending his seasons in the French Alps taking his rock and roll style to big mountain terrain. But in fall he's always returning to his home country to shred the snow domes and swill Guinness with his rowdy bunch of mates.

Nejc Ferjan (SLO)

Smooth street riding and a clean style are what this guy from the Slovenian mountains near Vogel is all about. The Eastern Europe snowboard and jib contest scene is growing fast and at those events you will always find Nejc going big during the day and partying at night.

Nejc Ferjan_Rail02[1]

Patrick Rauter (AUT)

This young guy from Kärnten/ Austria lives in Innsbruck. Not only do all the girls fancy him but also the the guys from the "Delirium Crew" are thankful to have a guy like this in their team. In Summer, when he isn't shredding every day, Patrick loves Street skating.

Benno Postert (GER)

The winner of last season’s Quiksilver King of Snow Contest comes from Datteln in Northeast Germany. You can admire his extremely progressive spinning skills in films of Sane and Lafamiglia movie productions. He can be found everywhere: Belgium, Innsbruck, Berlin, Datteln, Bottrop, where ever there's good snow and fun obstacles.


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