When: February 15th-18th

Where: Les Houches, France


As you probably all know by now, Area 43 is the new DC concept for snowboard parks, their own exported version of their infamous DC Mountain Lab. To celebrate the first season of activity of the Area 43 in Les Houches, France, close to Chamonix, DC put together a master size pro invitational, from February 15th-18th.

And let's just say the conditions were epic. Les Houches got a bit of snow just before the event, and the park was jacked up for the riders who came out. Speaking of which, here is the list of riders that showed up to the 4 day photoshoot:

DC Europe: Mat Schaer

DC Norway: Olav Stubberud, Mons Røisland, Mats Hoffgård, Håkon Tønnessen, Sondre Tiller, Torjus Thomassen, Mikkel Benzon

DC UK: Sam Turnball

DC France: Dimitri Biau

Electric: Ben Thomas Javid, Thomas 'Chazou' Chasagne

Les Houches DC local riders: Jean 'Jahknow' Fanjat , Raphael Roux


All in all, the event went along great. The riders really put up a great show in DC's fine-tuned AREA 43, and the weather conditions were everything we could have asked for. DC and the crew thank Mardu, Ravach and Nico and the DC park team for the sweet set up. And Onboard thank Perly for his work, that you will have other opportunities to admire in the mag itself in no time we're sure.


A Podcast is being edited and should arrive shorlty. Stay tuned for all the action on video!