We already thought to ourselves that holding a major snowboard event over New Year's might not be the brightest idea you can have, and in the end it is the timing that made them postpone the event until March 5-7th 2010 - although in a different way that we would have thought...

With the last two months' conditions being way warmer than expected, there isn't enough snow to build such a huge set up as the Arctic Challenge always impresses with so they reasoned it would be sensible to wait for better times and more snow in the Spring, which has turned out to be quite dumpage heavy in the last couple of years.

With a date right between the Olympics and the European X Games this could even turn out as a rather clever move. Riders who focused on the Olympics before are free to compete elsewhere now and there are no rival events at that time either.

So don't be sad about the change of date but look forward to a great event in March!