anntisworld features regular video updates and blogs from Antti and his friends as they shred the 09-10 season. Selected trips and highlights throughout the season will also be featured in HD with filming and production being provided by Flatlight Films, so you won’t need to wait until September 2010 for the next latest videos to drop and get your shred fix all season long and beyond. Connect with Antti at!

For years I have been looking to grow my snowboarding outside of what I have been doing and looking to take the next step and push my riding further. I have been looking to film more and due to the demise of so many snowboard production teams and the way the industry is moving, I chose to take my destiny into my own hands, leading to the creation of The web offers boundless opportunities and a better way of connecting with an audience through the platforms that can be created through it. With this I hope to bring shredders everywhere a direct connection and insight into my world and offer regular video content for audiences everywhere. I wanted to give back something to snowboarding that was fun and also profiled my friends and things I liked and what I do." says Antti.

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