After a weekend of boozing and a shortened work week (the joys of Baviarian bank holidays) we suddenly realised it is already Friday and time for our third installment of This Week in Snowboarding. See here and there for the first two posts. So once again here are the, erm, highlights from this week’s snowboarding, drawn from our own humble site the wilds of the internet.



Les2Alpes is THE place for summer camps. Or is it Blackcomb? Or New Zealand? It is definitely not Den Haag, as their indoor slope is bankrupt again. Generally, there's a lot to do on weekends. Water sliding, for example. By the way, Shaun's fans are scary.


Blaze is a cool name. The Forum Holy Moly has made a self-proclaimed angry man even angrier. A kiss mark will adorn the new TTR trophy. Skateboards are more dangerous than snowboards (or parcours). And then, there's Harry.


The Saturday Night Ride Teaser is a banger. The Homies Crew rip up Superpark. The Visual Collective's new teaser is out. The Kaunertal is always good for some jib action. A new film is actually called Mortal Wombat.



Germans don't like Greek people anymore and might stay at home over summer and collect TTR points. In California, it might become a crime not to wear a helmet. And here's a recipe for how to fuck up your season.


Straight outta Japan, Heart Films release a pow-heavy teaser. The Finns have done their homework, too. Shaun White wants to get into Hollywood. Our weekly posts get recycled, and maybe there's too many contests.


Nikita Chickita is so much fun, Isenseven's new teaser is even more fun, and vomit is the new neon. Bon weekend, bitches!