A warm welcome to André Sommer. He made it from the Nidecker Swiss Team up to the International Team. And he deserves it, after good and constant results during the World Freeride Tour it was just a matter of time to lift him up.

But this cosmopolitan guy is a lively one. He’s from Bern, lives in Verbier and spends the European summer in Argentina riding deep powow. He’s managing his own Snowboard School at Verbier and owns probably the smallest, but most unique chalet up there. Need an example? He grabbed neighbour Beckham’s old Sauna spent a few days working on it and has now his own little outdoor wellness zone. And I’d say he’ll need it; as a top ten finisher he’s already qualified for the next World Freeride Tour 08/09. That means that there will be a few contest to chill after.

Good luck dude!


World Free Ride Tour 07/08

Mammoth/USA 10.place Sochi/Russia 11.plce Tigne/France 5.place Verbier/CH 11.pace

Overall 9.Place / top ten got directly invited to the next year WFT (world freeride tour) 08/09

Engadin Stimerol Freeride 6.place

06/07 and 05/06

Freeride quest Final 2007 (invited) Rookie Quest 2006 4. Place

Best result before: World Heli Challenge 2. Place Zinal Freeride 2005 2. Place First Track Freeride 3. Place