With German rider André Kuhlmann, FLOW is proud to welcome one of Europe’s most impressive and versatile riders today. André will be riding FLOW boards, boots and bindings.

You can put André on any terrain, from the backcountry to inner city rails, and he'll always raise the bar. His solid riding skills – whether floating through the air, hitting rails or enjoying turns in waist deep powder – has earned him numerous coverage all over the world in mags and video productions throughout his career. But don’t believe there's no fire in the guy anymore. He just came back from a sled trip to Spitzbergen, Norway where he said that this was one of the most impressive trips of his career and there is more to come. Watch out for André in the upcoming season.

Matching his versatile riding style André has picked the TEAM board for backcountry sessions and the ERA for rails. His favourite bindings became the NXT AT SE as they are lighweight and have perfect set-up options. On boots he trusts the RIFT Quickfit for great dampening, heelhold and the easy to use lacing system.