Regular readers of this website will know that Analog wrapped up their Design Unlikely Features contest a month or so back, with Sylvain Vidal's stairset setup selected by the judging panel as the one that would be made in real life and sessioned the hell out of at the DUF contest on March 19. Check the info...

If you're looking at Sylvain's setup thinking, "Dang. would be fun to hit that up!" then you're in luck. On March 19 it's gonna be dropped into Avoriaz's Snowpark de la Chapelle where Analog will hold a free amateur jib contest. If you're in the area and want a pop, you gotta sign up at 09.30 and not only will you be able to send it on the stairset, there's plenty of stuff to be won and a BBQ to feed your stoke. There's also going to be a demo from Analog's Euro team - Wojtek Pawlusiak, Ludwig Leijkner, Neils Shack and Kike Carcelen - that'll get you pumped, and when all's said and done there is, of course, an after party at The Place, kicking off at 22.00.

If you're in the hood, swing by to be a part of this bad boy.