Analog's killer 'Design Unlikely Features' contest has kicked off and the entries are coming along thick and fast, so we decided we'll show you a couple of submissions to show you what you're up against. If you think "I could never do better than that," we're not talking to you. If, however, you're overflowing with cocksuredness and are all "Screw that, I could do way better!" then they want to see your designs.

Here's what Analog's Greg Poissonnier had to say: "Here are a couple of the most noticable entries Analog received so far. The rail to wall feature, and the ‘Saturn’ feature. As you can see creativity is there, but there’s probably room for improvement, so if you have the killer idea, get your pen out or computer on!" And remember, as Greg says, "The feature must be creative, offer many riding options, easy to build and to move."

All the info to get involved is HERE. But if you're click shy then the basics are below...


To enter, send your designs to Analog via email, standard mail or upload it to their site between October 15th-January 15th:


(mention Europe in subject box)

Snail Mail:


Design Unlikely Features Contest

z.a de Pedebert

180 av. des menuisiers

40150 Soorts-Hossegor



Entries will be judged based on creativity, rideability, and buildability. The Analog crew are looking for something fresh and imaginative, and that is also movable. You should see our one with the massive squirting phallus...