It's time to celebrate !!!

Alterna's 2009 snowboard film ELEKTRO is out!

It was an amazing winter filming with the ALTERNA crew... Lots of hard work and sweat, frustration and excitement, laughter and silence, clouds and sun, pow and pack, hike and sled, booters and pack-downs - now it's time to celebrate!!!

They thought it would be a great opprtunity for them to tour Europe and bring ELEKTRO and their soundsystem BOOTY CALL to a club near you !!!

BOOTY CALL SOUNDSYSTEM (Köln) consists of three guys mixing their different musical backgrounds into one big dance party. They love to interact with the crowd and throw in samples that keep you craving for more. The parties usually last until the mornings...

The movie already turned out sick! Now they are destined to throw a party that people will remember...

There will also be some limited free drinks and give-aways!

Haven't watched the teaser yet? Do it now!