The AK Extreme festival in Iceland is arguably the 'sketchiest festival in snowboarding.' And if you don't believe us you can either look at the pictures or read the report written by Geiri, marketing manager at the Icelandic brand Nikita. And looking at the pictures will make you realise that things are way sketchier than you would have imagined. Also, you'll notice that Icelandic people are totally into shipping containers and red drinks. How's that? We are already having Icelandic fist fights in the office about who's attending the event in 2012, and after reading the report we are sure we'd feel at home up there...

If you're more into videos we've already posted a ghetto edit of the event.

Da Gang

After a 6 year break the legendary AK Extreme (AKX) festival finally returned to Akureyri, Iceland for the fourth time in it´s history from april 7th to april 10th. Back for the music, back for the snowboarding, back for the parties and back for you.

AKX is a snowboard and music festival: „Our main goal is to create an event that is about the joys of snowboarding, mixed in with good music and endless parties“ says Geiri, Marketing Manager at Nikita Clothing and one of the events organisers.


The AKX 2011 schedule included a mix of snowboard events both up the local mountain Hlidarfjall and downtown, Akureyri. The Highlight being the infamous container bigjump contest/show held right in the heart of downtown Akureyri: „We had to cancel some events up the mountain this year due to some full on gnarly icelandic weather but we just put more effort into the container jump and partying instead“ says Geiri.

Container Jump

The AKX container jump saw 15 of Icelands finest snowboarders come out and battle it out for the AKX title amongst them local legends and pro snowboarders Gulli Gudmundsson, Eiki and Halldor Helgason. Halldor had this to say about the AKX container jump: „sketchiest contest in snowboarding but the sickest by far“ The contest format was pretty relaxed, a 1 hour jam session followed by a 30 min final were 6 of the best riders fought it out for the right to wear the AKX Ring. A crowd of 5000-6000 Akureyrians turned out to watch and cheer on the awesome carnage.

Geiri vs Container

In the end it was


who took home the 2011 title and AKX ring with a switch cab nine, old school icelandic legend and AKX 2005 winner Danni took second place with a switch 540 and Halldor Helgason came in third with a not quite landed bs double cork 10. Eiki Helgason took on the role of head judge as he is recovering from a shoulder injury.


From Thursday to Saturday the parties and concerts continued downtown Akureyri at the Green Hat. A tight lineup of Icelands finest Dj´s and bands kept the venue packed all nights. Thursday night was pure mayhem with Burn providing free drinks for the „zoo“ while the Extreme Chill crew provided tunes to pack the dancefloor. Friday and Saturday provided live concerts including progressive rockers Agent Fresco, hip-hopers Forgotten Lores and metal heads Endless Dark.


So the sketchiest festival in snowboarding is back with a musical twist, hopefully for good this time: „We just had to bring AKX back and we are so happy we were able make it happen. So many people and companies helped us out and deserve a lot of praise for taking part in the madness with us. We would especially like to thank our main sponsors Eimskip, Burn and Ring but also the awesome people of Akureyri. Bringing AKX back and the positive respone we have gotten has filled us up with so many ideas and energy that you better watch out for AKX 2012!“ says Geiri.

Agent Fresco