We've just had the draw to see who will face off with who in the first round of tomorrow's Air&Style.

Yo. Just been over to the Olympic Stadium here in Munich to check out the kicker and see the rider draw. Holy moly, things are looking killer here and I think it's fair to say that there's not a head-to-head that you could call with any degree of certainty.

After some words from organiser Andrew Hormount and TTR CEO Drew Stevenson, the top seeded riders from last year took to the stage and delved their mitts in the big Air&Style tombola to draw who would be their nemesis. Well, it was more of a bro down than any serious eyeballing but just check the face offs that will be going down in just the first round.

Eero Ettala vs Nicolas Müller Torstein Horgmo vs Chas Guldemond Kevin Pearce vs Danny Davis Heikki Sorsa vs Andreas Wiig Mathieu Crepel vs Andy Finch David Benedek vs Gigi Rüf Risto Mattila vs Christophe Schmidt Travis Rice vs Mikkel Bang

We'll have some video up shortly, along with an interview with Mathieu Crepel and some other shreds. And hopefully some shots that were not taken on my cellphone. Damn.

Should be epic. if you're not able to make it to Munich make sure you watch the bangers on the live Air & Style webcast here on Onboardsnowboarding.com.