355 tons of steel, 1.000 tons of artificial snow and 75,000 watt – the perfect recipe for this winter's titbit.

What are the ingredients for an unforgettable evening at Europe’s largest snowboard event? Six snowmobiles, the 16 world’s best snowboarders, not to forget the 355 tons of steel, 1,000 tons of artificial snow, about 30,000 spectators and 75,000 watt. Add a lot of ‘air’, plenty of ‘style’ – and the ten-course-menu, awarded with six stars of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, is ready to be served.

When six daredevil snowmobile riders and the 16 best snowboarders of the world will hit the stadium on 01st December 2007, the cooks of the Nokia Air & Style 07 have already accomplished a logistic masterpiece. For the third edition of the Nokia Air & Style in the Munich Olympic Stadium a huge scaffold of steel and snow is again being erected on the stands of the stadium. Besides the 355 tons of steel for the monster ramp, which are being delivered these days by more than 30 trucks, about 1.000 tons of artificial snow are being produced on site at the stadium and raised with cranes, snow groomers and catapults onto the ramp. The technically produced snow is completely free of chemicals and defrosts after the Nokia Air & Style 07 to drain in the canalisation – just like natural snow. For the construction about 120 persons are occupied during two weeks. For the dismantling, which happens within one week, there are even 160 assistants engaged.

New set-up for a lot of ‘air’ and plenty of ‘style’ The whole lower section of the set-up has been remodeled. In the snowboard ‘playground’ the riders are able to choose between two straight jumps and a ‘butter box' with a ‘downrail’. This accommodates the creative minds among the riders because it leaves them a lot of space to celebrate their ‘style’. The big ‘kicker’ remains unchanged, as it has proved last year to enable the most fantastic jumps ever. In their rapid journey from the 43-metre high starting tower with an inclination of 42°, the snowboarders reach a speed of more than 70 km/h and fly about 25 metres through the air. The freestyle snowmobiles (FSX) drive their 200 kg and 100 HP through a circuit with two ramps allowing jumps of up to 25 meters length and up to 8 meters height. The FSX parcour reaches into the ranks of the grandstand, so that the action gets real close to the spectators. And the expected backflips of the FSX riders will most certainly provide an extra portion of ‘thrill’ and ‘style’.

Massive sound, optimum view and many rotations The construction of the music stage for the three international top acts is child's play compared to building the snowboard ramp. The sound system with its 75,000 watts will boost the atmosphere in the stadium. The whole power requirement of this event lies at 5,000 amperes. For picture, sound and communications a total of 15,000 metres of cable are laid – after all, the TV pictures of the event, live or taped, will be seen in 120 countries worldwide. In the stadium itself, three big screens with a total screen area of about 180 m² guarantee that every jump can be analyzed in slow motion by the visitors. Considering that the snowboarders will be performing jumps with maybe up to four rotations around the longitudinal and two around the lateral axis, the screens help the crowd to really enjoy the action.

Elaborated security concept The security of the crowd has top priority. To guarantee this, the organizers developed an elaborated security concept together with the Olympic Park Munich and local authorities. A total of 1,200 metres of fences and barriers avoid endangerment of the spectators and take care that everybody gets smoothly and safely to the event and back home. A great number of the 600 employees are responsible for the security and the information of the spectators during the event day.

The presale already runs on the Air and Style website and at Munich ticket. Tickets purchased via the Air & Style website can easily be printed out at home by print@home without any further costs for shipping. For press accreditation requests please fill out the online form in the press area of www.air-style.com .

Nokia Air & Style 07 in short Place Munich Olympic Stadium Date Saturday, 01st December 2007 Time 3:30 p.m. – 10:45 p.m. Tickets www.air-style.com www.muenchenticket.de Grandstand € 36,20 (excl. presale fee) Arena € 43,50 (excl. presale fee) VIP € 135,00 (excl. presale fee) Rockstar-Clubbing € 10,00 (excl. presale fee)

Nokia Air & Style 07 by numbers Steel Construction 355 t Artificial snow 1,000 t (produced at site without chemicals) Starting Hight 43 m above the stadium floor Slope 42° Starting Length 70 m Starting Speed more than 70 km/h Jumping Range Min. 25 m Breadth Gap 8 m Breadth Ramp 27 m Butter Box 12 x 6 m Downrail Length 9 m Slope Length 171 m FSX-Kicker Hight 4 m FSX-Gap Length 20 m FSX Weight ca. 200 kg FSX Motorisation 70-90 HP FSX Jumping Hight 8-10 m FSX Jumping Range 20-25 m Snow Production 4 Weeks Construction Time 2 Weeks Deconstruction Time 1 Week Wires 15,000 m for Power, Video, Audio Sound System 75,000 Watt Power Requirement 5,000 Ampere Total Screen Face 180 m2 Fences and Barriers 1,200 m Truckloads 35 Staff 120 for construction 600 at the event 160 for deconstruction