Like in 2008 the makers of Addicted to Snow bring you in 2009 another high glossy calendar including 12 of the finest pics in snowboarding. This calendar should definitely not be lacking in any ordinary snowboarding household! On the one hand this item will help you not to lose your orientation within the complicated sequence of workdays and months. And on the other hand you will get motivated every single month to go shredding and during summertime scrolling through the calendar even will afford anticipation for the upcoming winter season.

In this year’s issue there are 12 selected shots from Aaron Shapiro, Friedl May, Mone Monsberger, Iikka Backstrom, Jonas Hagstrom, Colin Frei, Lukas Draxl, Jussi Oksanen, Tadashi Fuse, Markus Keller, Ville Uotila, Mathieu Crepel and coverboy Heinz Loehle. Convenient and beautiful, that’s how it should be!

This must-have is available for only 14,90 EUR via or you just drop over at!