Absolut Park Spring Battle, April 3-5, 2009, Flachauwinkl/Salzburger Land (AUT)

Have a blast at the end of the season in Flachauwinkl at the Shuttleberg! This year the 7th Spring Battle in the Absolut Park will have a cool upgrade: The pro/am jam was upgraded from 3 to 4 Stars in the TTR ranking system! Qualified amateurs and rookies can compete with the pros of the snowboard scene, collect important TTR points and win part of 25,000 US-Dollars prize money. This event is an absolute highlight at the end of the season: Mediterranean flair, chilled atmosphere, a mini ramp and boulder wall in the Chillhouse and the Spring Break party in the valley. Quicksilver will provide a cool band from their Quiksessions project and they will rock big time!

In charge of the always perfectly shaped Absolut Park is an experienced team of shapers supervised by Seppi Harml and Christoph Walchhofer. The two shapers will surely come up with an extra surprise obstacle apart from the monster jam kicker. You can qualify via the „Pop ’n’ Drop“contest, which will also take place in Flachauwinkl on February 13-14. Let´s see if one of the rookies can throw last year´s top cowboy Lars Oesterl out of the saddle!



Modus: 4 Star TTR, slope style Date: April 3-5, 2009 Location: Flachauwinkl/ Salzburger Land (AUT) Amateur Qualification: Pop ’n’ Drop (February 23-24, Absolut Park)