Get ready for next week's Spring Battle 2009 at the Absolut Park (Flachauwinkl Kleinarl, Austria).

Top riders like the Air & Style winner Colin Frei (SUI), the King of Popcorn Seppe Smits (BEL), the most impressive rider of this year's Wängl Tängl Reini Rieser (AUT) or Wängl Tängl Winner 06 and Spring Battle Champion 07 Ville Uotila (FIN) already confirmed their participation and will duel for US $ 25,000 between the 3rd and 5th of April in the Absolut Park.

But it is not only the prize money, the fame or the TTR points that attract top class riders to Flachauwinkl. The Shuttleberg has an excellent reputation in the scene with the Absolut Park, the Burton Stash Park, the Chillhouse with miniramp and boulder wall, but also because of its hospitality towards freestylers. Furthermore is the Spring Battle an absolute tidbit at the end of the season and not only for riders but also for some spectators: Mediterranean flair, a relaxed atmosphere as well as the wild Spring Break Party in the valley with Mortal Kombat Sound (Regensburg) and one of the Quiksessions bands are reason enough to start out to Flachauwinkl at the beginning of April to end the season with the Absolut Park Crew.