A photo essay of the evening.

Because if I call it a 'photo essay' I can skirt the problem that we were once again battered around the head with the booze stick and in place of vivid recollection of what went down, there are instead but flashes of half-remembered truths and a bunch of 'what, really? Nah.' moments.

Volksgarten in Munich was the spot and Ready was beamed out to the hordes in the outdoor garden bit. It was a nippy night, but once in the thick of it the body heat from the fellow shredder made it bearable.

As in every movie premiere from past to future, watching the film while making gang signs to thugged out bredren that you ain't seen for months means inevitably I missed bits of the movie. However, I remember Wolle's shit on the dam being frickin' nuts, some 'holy crap!' rail wizardry from Keenan Valaika and co, and lots and lots of the stellar powder and backcountry kicker action that Absinthe have become famed for.

With the movie done, it was down into the bowels of the club. It was all going well until I found Sami, photo ed here at Onboard, with Absinthe's Brusti, Kelli and Vladyka, the riders Jules Reymond, Annie Boulanger and Nicolas Müller, and the one and only Mo Frey from Whiteout mag. That was the beginning of the end.

Well wanna see the movie again now. Review when we watch the film sober. Check www.absinthe-films.com for when the premiere tour rolls into a town near you.

- TC.