We're big fans of this awesome shred contest put on by our Zillertal bromies, the Ästhetiker, so we're hyped to hear it's gonna be game on again from 12-19 March 2011.


When it comes to snow sliding, these boys know their onions for sure. It's a contest, yes, but as laid back as they come and held in what is one of the most creative slopestyle courses you'll find anywhere. The unique 'Red Bull Endsection', an innovative Snowboard Team Contest in a 'Gäng Jäm' format and a Skateboard Contest in the notorious 'Mega-Miniramp' are just some of this year's highlights. Besides special streetart activities, the legendary Aesthetiker parties with Texta and the S.K. Invitational Big Band amongst others are the culmination of the Wängl Tängl 2011.


'By snowboarders, for snowboarders' might sound a bit played out in this day and age, but no where else does this saying ring as true as at the Wängl. Once you've shredded till you can shred no more, skated till your joints lock, stroked your chin looking at art till your chin-stroking hand is sore, you'll be able to get loose to the Hip-Hop sounds of 93 Till Infinity.


Check out more info on: www.aesthetiker.com