32 Europe Team Report September 08

Here we go with the first euro team report fort his season. Let’s see what our team did during the summer time. French rider Rémi Lamazouère spent his summer in Chile with photographer Eric Bergeri. Rémi and his crew did a little demo just before a contest and got free lift tickets for that. Nice people over there! Our Frenchi produced tons of footage over there, which will hit the magazines this season.

Mario Käppeli is usually ripping Switzerland, but during the summer months he can be found in the southern hemisphere as well. This year he went to New Zealand for a little warm up at Snowpark NZ and then went to Australia to compete at the famous Stylewars in Falls Creek. “The biggest kickers I’ve ever hit but still so much fun!" 30 meters of table and 25 meters of gap to cross are pretty heavy bangers. Even if he missed one day of competition he still left people like Jonas Carlson, Dustin Craven or Chris Sörman behind him. Well-done Mario. After the Stylewars he went straight back to NZ where he will hang out till its time to go back to Europe. He also has a three page Stick-A-Trick in the current issue of Pleasure Magazine, number 74, where he tells us how to do 180s out of little pist-bumps.

In the same issue of Pleasure Mag Mario’s Swiss friend and 32-teammate Nicholas Wolken is featured in the gallery. Nicholas didn’t spent the summer on some icy glaciers but still went half around the world to go surfing in Hawaii where he met a shark on his first day of surfing and also visited the Absinthe Crew, which finished there upcoming movie “Optimistic" there. Matevz Pristavec and Mikka Hast also went surfing but decided to go to Indonesia where they found awesome spots, beautiful nature and enjoyed a really nice vacation.

Miikka also went skating a lot when he got back to Finland and is now ready to warm up for the season. Like many Scandinavians he will go to the glacier at Hintertux in Austria where he’ll probably meet Danny Larsen who is in Austria for the upcoming premier of the new Pirates Production “Overseas". Danny spent his summer in Stryn for summer snowboarding with Staale Sandbech, went Skating with friends or hanging out with his girl. Don’t forget to check out the next issue of Method Mag where Danny will be featured in a full interview. Check www.dannylarsen.blogspot.com.

Swiss Miss Tina Ramholt has fully recovered of her broken foot and is already ripping the park in Saas Fee to get ready for the upcoming TTR slopestyle events. She also got coverage in the freshest little magazine of Switzerland called Whiteout Sister, which is a Swiss snowboarding girls only magazine. Tina gives a little glimpse on her kicker skills and explains the readers how to do different rotations.

Simon Schweiger from Germany just came back from a one and a half month surf trip to France and Spain and is now at home, to pimp his new VW T4 Syncro Camper Van. Check out Simons part in the upcoming European video production from Fat Gipsy, where Slovenian ripper Matevz Pristavec will be featured as well.