17. – 19.10.2008 Goodbye summer – welcome winter! One more week to go until the legendary ski- and snowboard opening will take place at the Kaunertal glacier. Besides the fixed details regarding bands, festival and contests there are a lot of news concerning side events and pro riders – an update.

INVITED LIST PRO RIDERS CONFIRMED To make the contest more attractive for pro riders it has been split into two days of competition – a pro contest on Saturday and an amateur contest on Sunday. Apparently a good idea as the invited list shows. But the Pro’s shouldn’t relax too early! From all registrations all in all 40 highly motivated AM’s and PRO’s who didn’t make it on the invited list will get the chance to battle with them for the title "KTO ROCKER 2008“ and all in all 8.000 US$ prize money!

Invited list:

Alibabic Sani AUT Beliard Caroline F Elhardt Elias GER Evensen Fredrik NOR Grlic Marco SLO Klocker Thomas AUT König Peter AUT Kröll Rudi AUT Mathieu Gerome F Rusin Agnieszka POL

SIDE EVENTS BAGJUMP Another highlight of the KTO weekend is waiting for you on Sunday up on the mountain – a huge „bag“ filled with air, with an airmass of 1.120 m3 offers Pro’s the possibility to advance their tricks and techniques as well as amateurs to even start with it. It was developed by pro riders and hollywood stuntmen and is beeing used as training tool as well as a fun tool! Sunday 9 am up on the glacier

MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO The Kaunertal Opening crew is looking for talented hobby-, amateurs- or pro filmers to give us an impression of how the event looks like from the point of view of a real fan! 4 movie crews will be picked and sorted out with free tickets for the whole weekend to create a cool video about the opening. The results will be released on You Tube and the event website, where terms and conditions can be found too: www.kaunertal-opening.at

SCOUTS IN TRANSIT The most freaky outfits, stylish moves or wicked tricks will be honoured with goodies! Our scouts will investigate undercover and give out vouchers for the party tent that have to be converted until 9 pm. Don’t try to find them – they will find you.

CONCERTS ON THE MOUNTAIN As every year the stars of tomorrow will show their talent on the stage up on the festival stage!

THE AIMLESS Saturday 18.10. – 2 pm www.myspace.com/theaimlesspunk

Ever Since December Sunday 19.10. – 2.30 pm http://www.myspace.com/eversincedecember

OLD NEWS BUT GOOD NEWS FREE TESTCENTER We’re ready for the test season! More than 30 companies offer the visitors to test the newest material of the season 2008/09 already in October: ACG, Adidas, Anon, Atomic, blue tomato, Bonfire, Burton, Dainese, Deeluxe, Elan, Flow, Forum, F2, Head, Jeenyus, K2, Nitro, Palmer, Pha:macy, Red, Ride, risk' n' fun, Rossignol, Salomon, Scott, Snowboardklinik, SP-Bindings und Völkl.

BANDS Some wellknown names from the Austrian and international music scene will guarantee two outstanding parties in the partytent in Feichten. Friday and Saturday from 8 pm on! There will be TEXTA from Linz on stage, wellknown for their dialect raps and lot’s of energetic live shows. They will be supported by VIVA LA MUERTE and if a band deserves being called „local hero“ – it’s them! England will be represented by the punkrockers FAILSAFE from Manchester who will warm up the crowd for the headliner RUSSKAJA.

www.russkaja.com www.texta.at www.failsafemusic.co.uk www.vivalamuerte.net

MOVIE PRESENTATIONS Again we managed to get respectable snowboard movie production crews to the Kaunertal. During their worldwide premier tours they will also Stopp in the party tent in Feichten to amaze the KTO crowd!

Absinthe Films with READY FR. 17.10.2008 ab 21.00 @ party tent Feichten Pirate Movie Production with OVERSEAS SA. 18.10.2008 / 21.00 @ party tent Feichten Isen7 with Teenage Love Graffiti SA. 18.10.2008 7pm – 9pm @ Zapadello in Feichten