When: 17. – 19.10.2008

Goodbye summer – welcome winter!

Snowboard and freeski contest, concerts and parties as well as the "Testival" with brandnew material for the 08/09 season are the basics of the wellknown opening. But also new ideas have been discussed and are now being realised.


As every year everyone who is able to use one or two boards on his legs, is welcome to take part in a competition. The KTO mini shred amateur contest will take place on sunday, October 19th and special prices and goodies are waiting for the winners!

Some „Lucky Bastards“ will also have the chance to compete against some wellknown names and pro riders on saturday, October 18th at the BIG PARK mini shred Contest. Besides 10 invited riders (f/m) in both disciplines, rookies and „Lucky Bastards“ will be part of the starting field. If you don’t make it into the competition you still have the chance to see a high quality contest with some of your stars from the scene.

Please find all details regarding format, registration, scoring&judging on: www.kaunertal-opening.at


The brand new material is already prepared. The glacier is covered with fresh snow. The joy of wintersport makes its entrance. We’re ready for the test season! More than 30 companies are introducing approximately 3000 new products to test for free at 3000 metres height. Developments, technique, finesse – what’s in, what’s new with snowboard and free ski stuff for 2008/2009? You can also test out and compare the new products in the snow and find the most fitting for you.

Companies ACG, Adidas, Anon, Atomic, blue tomato, Bonfire, Burton, Dainese, Deeluxe, Elan, Flow, Forum, F2, Head, Jeenyus, K2, Nitro, Palmer, Pha:macy, Red, Ride, risk' n' fun, Rossignol, Salomon, Scott, Snowboardklinik, SP-Bindings und Völkl.


Some wellknown names from the austrian and international music scene will guarantee two outstanding parties in the partytent in Feichten. Friday and Saturday from 8 pm on!

RUSSKAJA Russkajas name is program: „RUSS“ like russian nights, russian fire, russion deepness, „SKA“ like speed, movement, music and „JA!“ the german word for „yes“ – because a no will not be accepted. The band is touring around 200 days every year – 2008 they will spend one night at Kaunertal Opening, to get the party started! www.russkaja.com

TEXTA Besides rhyming really good lyrics, the Texta crew also knows how to put these rhymes into capturing melodies and to perform them with a lot of E-N-E-R-G-Y on stage. For the first time at Kaunertal Opening: Flip, Laima, Huckey, Skero & DJ Dandaman! www.texta.at

FAILSAFE Also international live acts such as Failsafe find their way to the alps. The five punkrockers from Manchester (UK) are infecting not only the isle but the whole of Europe with their music at the moment. One tourstop ist the partytent in Feichten. www.failsafemusic.co.uk

VIVA LA MUERTE Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to get a real good live band as for example Viva La Muerte. The sound of the local heros of the Oberland is unique and consists of a mixture of hip hop and rock – by the way: the hip hop crew LA Splisz is on board! www.vivalamuerte.net


Again we managed to get respectable freeski and snowboard movie production crews to the Kaunertal. During their worldwide premier tours they will also Stopp in the party tent in Feichten to amaze the KTO crowd! Absinthe Films with READY The aim ist to take snowboarding to the next level, a more progressive level. Gigi Rüf, Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Jules Raymond, Marco Feichtner, Nicolas Müller and many more went on a journey through Japan, Canada, Alaska and more spectacular spots to reach this aim. Get ready for the latest material by Absinthe Films! http://www.absinthe-films.com FR. 17.10.2008 ab 21.00 @ party tent Feichten Headbud Productions with AESTIVATION We already payed attention to the nice movies from this tirolean freeski crew around Martin Misof and Nico Zacek, when they did some short movies at Spring Classics 08. Now we are happy to present the exclusive austria premiere of their first hd movie Aestivation. It features riders such as Jon Larsson, Julien Regnier, Luggi Brucic, Tobi Reindl on their way through Europe and Alaska. http://www.headbud.com FR. 17.10.2008 ab 21.00 @ party tent Feichten Matchstick Productions with CLAIM Are you ready for „greatest Ski Movie...EVER“? Then you are ready for the Kaunertal Opening 2008 too! We bring you Claim, the recent strip of the matchstick crew from America. If you have a look at the trailer you soon understand why they call it their masterpiece – check it out: http://www.skimovie.com SA. 18.10.2008 ab 21.00 @ party tent Feichten Pirate Movie Production with OVERSEAS For the 6th time Sebastian Balser, Florian Eckhardt and their pirates start a worldtour with one of their movies. The creatives spent hours and hours to realise that all intros are beeing made analog – as always. The result is another high quality movie featuring highly motivated riders such as Marco Feichtner, Hans Ahlund or Sani Alibabic. The Pirates crew is stoked to present their masterpiece at the KTO 08! http://www.pirate-movie-production.com SA. 18.10.2008 / 21.00 @ party tent Feichten

Isen7 with TEENAGE LOVE GRAFFITI Another movie presentation will take place as a little warn up session for the big party. Pleasure presents the new Isen7 movie in the Zapadello Bar in Feichten. To make sure you don’t miss out the astonishing program in the tent the whole thing will start at 7pm and last until 9pm. Christophe Schmidt, Fredrik Evensen, René Schnöller and many more have been part of this production. http://www.isenseven.de SA. 18.10.2008 7pm – 9pm @ Zapadello in Feichten


Besides shredding and partying there will be lot’s more action to do at the 23rd Kaunertal Opening. Watch out for details regarding the keywords „filming“ and „Style“...

All details and updates on: www.kaunertal-opening.at