The first stop of the Chill And Destroy Tour 2010 went down in Ehrwald last Saturday, January 23rd.

Riders like Ästhetiker Rudi Kröll (AUT), last years tour winner Pauli Dreher (AUT), Friedl May (GER), Max Glatzl (AUT), Roger Schuler (SUI), Patrick Müller (SUI) and many more made their way to the Betterpark Ehrwald to destroy the set up, consisting of two massive booters with a 17m table and a rail park that was organised so you could easily take on 3-4 obstacles in one smooth run.

And smooth they all were. While the big guys stuck tricks like Cab 9s and FS 10s, the rookies had 5s and 3s on lock in all directions.

The Top 10 results:

1 Piotr Janosz, POL

2 Rudi Kröll, AUT

3 Patrick Wörle, AUT

4 Deniz Cinek, SUI

5 Friedl May, GER

6 Philipp Frötscher, GER

7 Paul Dreher, AUT

8 Florian Heim, AUT

9 Raphael Nerz, SUI

10 Bastian Jauslin, SUI


Kids Results

1 Philipp Kundratitz, AUT

2 Linus Birkendahlm, GER

3 Roland Hörtnagl, AUT

4 Tobi Grünwald, GER

5 Max Grünwald, GER

6 Julian Bachmann, GER

7 Robin Ungerer, GER