For our main interview we tracked down Joni Makinen to his Helsinki retreat and squeezed him for a few choice words on his long and elustrious career in snowboarding, which includes one of the longest runs of pro-models in the world. Longtime riding buddies Darius Heristchian and Joel Strecker are the subject of our profile; hailing from very different backgrounds they tell how snowboarding allowed them to transend cultural barriers and become the best of friends and work buddies. We also have article from our senior photographers Scalp and Pat - while Pat was getting arty with riders Aymeric Tonin, Naku Piirainen and Paul Lambersen in Lugano, Scalp was hunting fathomless pow in a 100km radius of his home resort Les Arcs.

So to summarize issue 87 is jammed to the spine with free snow, more jumps than a school sports day and enough snowboarding to help you through the snowless start to the winter season.