Along with the first heavy snowfalls in the mountains - that probably had you drooling all over the place - a fresh issue of your favourite magazine to trigger your best friend, the shred-boner, hits the shelves.

The time has finally come, when you can just grab the homies, fuck off into the mountains to have the absolutel best of times and never look back. Well, at least until school, work and all the other unnecessary obligations start catching up on you again. But let's leave that for when you can't avoid them any longer.

We cramped an issue full of heavy stories, photography, gear, news, reviews and abuse to help you survive through these endless hours of boredom. See what is expecting you below...

Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström are known for causing quite the stir in snowboarding's tiny universe, be it because of their sweet riding that features plenty of style and sometimes also by feeding the press with one or the other scandal. Whatever they do though, they do it right. We tried to get to the bottom of things and see why the web series surrounding their lives - BYNDxMDLS - is successful as ever.

Analog-loving lensman Jerome Tanon went on a trip with the Déjà Vu crew to Japan to get a first-hand look at street riding that is a lot but for sure not from this planet. Frank April, Nic Sauvé and Louif Paradis are after all warming up with tricks that would be ender-material for regular human beings..

After suggestions like Iraq, Nepal and India, Onboard's very own director of photography Sami Tuoriniemi and the Cooking with Gas crew finally managed to satisfy everyone's needs and do a trip together: the Finns took over Iceland. Read what Eero Ettala has to say about trippin the 'land of ice and snow' with Lauri Heiskari, Heikki Sorsa and locals Gulli Gudmundsson and Eiki Helgason. Together they rode the streets, took hot baths and surfed cold waves.

We sat down with Wojtek Pawlusiak to get a closer look at the man who was on his way to becoming a ski jumper before he learned about the good things in life, left behind the dark side and switched to destroying the streets on a snowboard. Pirates, Terje, the polish snowboarding scene, his porn star name and plenty more - Wojtek's giving you his all.

Want more? We'll give you more: Victor de le Rue Interview, Heavymental Gallery, Volcom Girls in Kitzsteinhorn, Eiki Helgason's Rig, Handplanting with Nicolas Müller, Face/Timing Stale Sandbech and plenty more smashin' stories in this issue!

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