CIRCULAR - Riders that Kill It All


Snowboarding today is becoming increasingly specialised. Where it was once the case that riders would regularly film pow kickers, hit up rails, straightline chutes and dip into some contests throughout the course of a winter, it's far more common to be 'the rail guy' or 'the pipe guy' or 'the backcountry guy'. Our English editor set out to find and talk to the few who buck the trend and are 'well-rounded riders'...

CHANGING TACK - The Pirates' Journey from Super 8 to HD


Onboard caught up with Basti Balser, member of the original six Pirates and now helmsman of the good ship Pirate Movie Production, to ask him how things have changed from the shaky Super 8 footage of their first movie Decent Frames to the RED camera eye candy that is their latest flick Distorted Reality.

VICTOR DAVIET - Gap's Golden Child



Unlike many of his Finnish peers, Sami Luhtanen shies away from the contest scnee, works with various film crews, and has a unique style that makes him stand out from the crowd. We caught up with Sami to find out more about the 'silent killer.'


Learn everything about outerwear, win loads of stuff, go glacier tripping with the Northwave and Drake teams, and feel our love for snowboarding on every single of the 148 pages.

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