Onboard's first issue after passing the 100 mark is shouting "droppin!" and here's some of the hammers it will stomp.

We peer into the green mist of Absinthe's latest movie masterpiece, Ready, with an in-depth chat with Patrick 'Brusti' Armbruster; the Icelandic brothers Eiki and Halldor Helgason whose versatile talents have been turning heads get a double interview crammed with bangers; Chris Sörman and Tobias Karlsson roll the dice in Scotland; big mountain master Jeremy Jones talks awareness; we lay out all you need to know for riding powder; there's a look at the dark side of snowboarding; and way more to get your shred mojo up.

101 also comes with Factor Films' latest banger, Notes, absolutely gratis. We're all amped to check out the likes of Eiki, Torstein, Ståle, Gidlund and co. locked down last winter. Check that mother out.

In stores 30th October 2008

Includes exclusive Factor Films ‘Notes’ DVD