With the 08/09 season if snow just weeks away our September issue will act as your personal fluffer, providing an endless stream of faceshots, bonks, bones and other stimulating trickery. For starters we have interviews with Kevin Pearce and Jamie Anderson, the winners of last season's TTR titles. We will also be reviewing the past season's contests and shedding light on what really happened at the end of the tour. Plus we will be having words with Travis Rice about his latest movie and contest, and then jet you off get face-to-face with young French rookie Arthur Longo. But wait, that's not all. We will also cross continents with the Roxy team trip to Turkey and be cover mounting the new Storbis flick 'Shopfloor' for your viewing pleasures, plus have an extended gallery of snap shots from a season with the Storbis crew.

Be sure to reserve yourself a copy NOW and pray for snow!