As our issues for the 07/08 season draw to a close on the 97th edition of Onboard we hope that we are all in the throws of a stunning white March – if not we are all out of a job and we can surrender the mountains to down-hill mountain bikers.

Here’s hoping not. Perhaps the highlight of issue 97 will be an interview with a snowboarder who has raised the bar of riding to new and higher levels. He first rocked our world with his buddy JP several years ago when they killed the infamous Hemsedal session, then went on to break the world record with the longest jump ever, again in Hemsedal, and last year he reached new heights on that monster hip constructed in the Norwegian outback. Mads Jonsson needs little introduction and deserves all the coverage that he gets.

We also have two stories from our senior photographer Peter Lundström - one about how much fun you can have with homemade box and the other about Jukka Erätuli and Fredrik Evensen visiting the dryslopes of the UK. Senior Scalp did a Don Quixote around Spain with his trusty Rosinate in the form of the Red Bull convoy as he documented the slaying of rails on this year’s Red Bull Drive By Tour. And to close we have a gallery of the seniors bangers for your viewing pleasure.

As usual, you will not be disappointed with our tasty morsels from the Euro pot.