Let us describe in all its glory the veritable smorgasbord of snowboarding delicacies that lies within the pages of issue 95. But first we must shout about the cover-mounted DVD which is none other than this year’s creation from Yeahh Productions, PURPLE YEAHH! The cast is truly pan-European and plucked from the finest snowboard stables. In the words of its makers it is “a fantastic trip through snowboarding, progression, fun, poetry, musicians and great artwork". What more could you want? Well, the issue to which it is stapled to start with.

Fredi Kalbermatten is a house-hold name for us all but never before will you have seen such a comprehensive expression of this man/myth shreddioneer as the one that will grace the main interview slot of the issue. He takes us on a white-knuckle ride around the gnarl that is his home resort of Saas Fee and beyond. This lad is more mountain than man, more flying machine than the Euro Fighter and more spin master than Carl Cox. Joining him in the issue will be a whole host of female riders gathered by our lady German editor to get to the bottom of where girl sliders have been, are going and will be in the future and we pay homage to all those riders who aren’t on the snow gravy train in our No-Pro story.

So go ride, get amped and don’t forget to head down to your local mag shack right now to get your turkey fingers on the latest issue.