It's been in the crews' mind for the best part of a decade, but at long last we present our Music Issue.

Music, art and snowboarding spin through their evolutions side by side. It’s the creative juices, don’t you know. So by some miracle and much motivation from Onboard senior photographer Peter Lundstrom, the long seeded dreams of the editorial team to do a music issue have finally been realised. Interviewed in the issue are wannabe rockstar Miikka Hast and buddy demon on the decks and partime metal worker Aymeric Tonin. We also travel to Japan, the land of incomprehensible lyrics and elecro blips, with Jonte Edvardson, Kalle Ohlson and Annsi Manninen and get a bitter taste of a home-made park in Les Arcs. To complete the issue Peter Lundrström also shot some slippy trickery to fit legendary lyrics of rock and pop, and we checked out members of the riding fraternity who not only make music on their boards but also between the bars. Believe us, this is the most rocking snowboard mag ever!