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After the gearfest that is the Product Guide, issue 107 sees Onboard return to it's conventional format of showcasing the finest snowboarding last winter had to offer. Here's a taster of what you can expect inside.

Gigi Rüf Interview

Cover boy Gigi Rüf gets a well deserved interview. The boy is a no-nonsense stomp machine who's consistently heavy video parts over the past years have seen him lauded by his peers. We talk new sponsors, fatherhood and more along with some kick-ass action shots. You can also watch our exclusive edit of rushes from Gigi's part in Neverland right here.

TTR Roundup

Last year was a difficult one for the TTR - the global financial crisis lead to more than one major tour stop being pulled - but nevertheless the TTR World Tour once more stepped up and showcased the best of competitive snowboarding talent that the world has to offer. Onboard reviews the highs and lows, the winners and losers.

Welcome to the East Coast

Niki Korpela, Max Legendre and Johnny Lazz ignore the doomers and head to the USA to make their own minds up about riding the East Coast. Cue maple syrup, concrete jibbing and Loon Mountain park sessions.

Dissecting a White Monster

We look back at what was an unprecedented winter of dumpage across Europe and examine the whens, wheres and whys that made the season of 2008/2009 so epic.

Cole Barash Gallery

Our new senior shooter, Cole Barash, has a 10 pages of shots showing off his considerable photographic talents.

Plus there's a T-bar Trickology, the World Rookie Fest, product, giveaways, waffle, banter, news, tunes, chitter, chatter and more.

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