Presenting the very best of 09/10's new snowboarding gear for your viewing pleasure.

The one-hundred-and-sixth issue of Onboard is on sale and, as is customary, we devote our first issue of the new season of magazines by swinging our spotlight on all the new equipment that will be vying for your attention on shopfloors across Europe imminently.

The Product Guide is our shred gear peep show, offering you to look-but-don't-touch at the highlights of this winter's lines from all the finest brands. Though a real peep show is a simple affair, selecting snowboarding equipment is a little more complex than going for the one that give your the horn, so we break down the jargon and technologies to make it easy to select the best kit for you.

Some of this gear will have already started trickling into stores - both real and virtual - before the avalanche proper begins towards the end of August, so if you're in the market for some new kit, bag yourself the Product Guide and get the lowdown before anyone else.

For more 09/10 snowboard gear, check out our photo essays from the industry tradeshow, ISPO, by clicking the links below...

Snowboard product highlights - ISPO day 1.

Snowboard product highlights - ISPO day 2.

Snowboard product highlights - ISPO day 3.