Onboard's highly anticipated Photo Annual is in the gates and ready to be unleashed on an expectant Euro public this week

Creating this issue is always a joy and it serves as the litmus test for the finest photography in snowboarding - arguments abound over lighting, composition, action and style until we finally settle on a selection we're happy with, and this year we're happier than ever as we reckon it's so tasty it's the equivalent of a Roman banquet with a 'happy ending' for your peepers. We're that stoked on it.

Not only is there the regular, extended gallery, we have a peppering of photo features to keep you pumped: Frames, where a selection of pros talk through one of their favourite shots; A Year in the Life with Dean 'Blotto' Gray; and a Freestyle.CH photo essay by Matt Georges sit with camera bag tests, a How To shoot shred shots and a bunch more gooddness.

So get your ass down to your local snowboard store or newsagent come and get yourself involved with the finest volume of snowboard photography you'll see this year.