P1 OB146 Cover/Spine RF.Alt3.indd

Ah yes, it's that time of the year again: the leaves start to fall, pumpkins begin to spring and all that other crap too, but most importantly: the season's about to start and your favourite core store has stacked up on fresh new gear, that's just waiting for you to shred and destroy.

To top it all off, our new Product Guide is on sale and if you didn't already get yours delivered fresh and hot to your doorstep, you should leave your laptop immediately to run out and buy it right now. And how could you not with a smashing cover like that of Gigi Rüf taring apart Mt. Hood, shot by our ever so charming and most handsome Director of Photography Sami Tuoriniemi (who you can take a fabulous glimpse at here by the way).

You might have noticed, that we've given our logo a little face-lift and so we did with the features inside the mag. Don't worry though, the good ol' Buying Tips are still there to guide to through the gear jungle and help you pick out the right board, boots, bindings, outerwear, protection and accessories for your needs.

On top of that though, we added the Headturners section to introduce you to the sickest swag that made us rubberneck and give you more detailed infos on some of the brand's top 14/15 models.

For going straight to the stuff your idols are killing it with, check the Rig section for the setup of Ethan Morgan, Halldor Helgason, Sarka Pancochova and many more, who explain in their own words how their gear of choice makes them win contests and shoot insane movie parts.

If you're one of the people, who are getting Onboard delivered right to their doorstep, consider yourself lucky, smart and someone who wins at life. For those who had to run out now to get theirs, think about getting a subscription because it will make you 1. way cooler and 2. get you free Onboard Level Mitts to keep your fingers toasty and an Onboard Shirt to spoice up your wardrobe. Hit the link to sign up!