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Johan Rosen

Johan Rosen. Photo: Matt Georges

Lifting the lid on Swedish Snackbreaker Johan Rosen…

Guns ’n’ Roses: the shit, or just shit?

I wasn’t the kid with a Guns ’n’ Roses or Iron Maiden t-shirt.. I had Wu Tang jeans, haha!

Where did you grow up riding?

A small resort called Kläppen located in the heart of Sweden. The mountains where I’m from are pretty small, but they’ve always had some of the best parks in Scandinavia.

What was the scene there like?

First of all it takes only 5 minutes to do one lap in the park at Kläppen, and you can hit 4 jumps and a couple of rails in that li’l time so you get a lot of airtime in an hour. It’s a snowboarding collage in my home town where a lot of us boarders in the Swedish scene graduated after three years of serious school work. So growing up there you always saw crazy shit go down. I remember bossolinis like Andreas Gidlund spinning all four ways better than most pros in the videos at the time while being just a young buck. Everyone was progressing fast and learning new shit every day, it was sick.

Is snowboarding a way to pay the bills?

Haha.. more a way of demolishing my savings account! Haven’t gotten many coins boarding, just working hard every summer to make it happen each year. But seriously how many can say they have 5-6 months of vacation, haha? Snowboarding hasn’t made me a rich man but given me a crew of brothers and sisters you can’t find anywhere else, wouldn’t trade that for any career. Guess I’m a professional bum, haha. Mucho passion!

This gap-spanning front board is sweet. Next time, add some crocodiles, spears and fire. Photo: Matt Georges

This gap-spanning front board is sweet. Next time, add some crocodiles, spears and fire. Photo: Matt Georges

Whose riding stokes you out these days and why?

I’m getting stoked when Absinthe are dropping a new movie. Their films are always on repeat on my laptop. There’s a lot of sick boarders out there but I’d have to say Nico Müller – after such a long career he’s still killing it. The dude just has next level board control! A lot of boarders are just hyped for their bangers; watching Müller just ride makes me want to board so bad.

You’re filming with Snackbreak, a Finnish-Canadian crew. How does producing a movie work out over the span of two continents?

Three continents really, haha! Me and Tommi went to Australia recently for the second time around. It’s pretty easy, with wetransfer, dropbox and Skype you can send your shots around and stay connected. We’re trying to get the whole crew together more for next season though.

Who else is riding Snackbreak to fame and glory?

Tommi Ollikainen, Lucio Doglioni-Majer, Joonas Eloranta, Samu Mikkonen, Andy Stewart, Andy James, Jesse Denham-Greer, Devan Peeters.

What’s the best thing about snowboarding?

It’s the best way of linking up with the best dudes and ladies out there! Don’t have to pay a member fee to the local ping pong club when you rock up to a new place, and adapt to times for training to get friends. Or to get a real job at some telephone sales company to have someone to go to the bar with, haha. One lap at any hill and you got a good crew! Riding trees, too. It’s not thinking and planning to find a line, more instinct and improvisation. If you lose your line ’cause the snow was softer than you thought you’ve got to adapt and change your line in a split second, it’s relaxing and meditating cause you’ve got to be in the present. Every day boarding is like an adventure, going up the gondola in the morning feels kinda like taking the Hogwarts express to another world above the clouds where magic exists, haha!

Johan can send it with steeze on the booters. Back 5 nose. Photo: Matt Georges

Johan can send it with steeze on the booters. Back 5 nose. Photo: Matt Georges

What’s the worst thing about snowboarding?

Maybe not snowboarding itself but the downside of this lifestyle is that I’m not making any smart investments for the future like saving up for an apartment. Right now I pretty much have to call my mum every spring and borrow cash for a flight home. Takes a lot of energy knowing that from the month of May I only got to work and sweat to save up for another season, while my buds are having vacation and skating in the sun.

What would you like to accomplish with your snowboarding career?

Make a Snackbreak reality show for MTV… hahah, nah, not at all! To keep on progressing and getting better at boarding, mostly ‘cause it’s more fun the better I get. I’d like to get more into riding steeper shit, spines and stuff. Might go to AK next spring so hopefully then! Also I’d like to ride as many weird places as possible around the globe, like Africa and Kashmir, that’d be dope! As we’re getting better on the filming and video editing side of things I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go on some bigger missions in the future, with a proper budget.

Style over function, discuss.

As long as you wear an aerodynamic suit and proper safety equipment you’re good!

Tell us a secret.

Honyos makes food taste so much better, makes your taste buds enjoy all of that wonderful favor in your delicious dinner! Hopefully our movie is out once this interview drops, go check it out while sipping on some high quality exotic drink!

Another angle of the Levi container gap. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

Another angle of the Levi container gap. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

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