Another day, another dollar. Another week, another This Week in Snowboarding, our link fest where we wipe the web for snowboard cleg nuts. Here's what we tugged off this week...


Mark McMorris wins the Air&Style in Innsbruck. Wojtek and Ludde are among Europe's finest. Gypsy Mob is a fairly good movie from Winnipeg. Crewzin' episode 8 is all about Givin. Brandon Hobush owns a million different rail tricks. Waterville knows how to throw some bait out at snowboarders.


First of all, we attended Ispo and basically stopped posting anything but product previews (here, here, here, here and here). Jamie Anderson and Sam Hulbert win the slopestyle and Kelly Clark and Kohei Kudo win the halfpipe at the Canadian Open. TWSnow releases Sunday in the Park Episode 9, Yobeat releases The Runs Episode 10, and Snowboarder Mag does Seven Deadly Edits Pt. 2. Then there's some Working for the City B-footage from Minnesota.



Nick Poohachoff's videopart looks solid. Carlos Blanchard launches his own website. Nick Visconti is down with Meningitis (and here's the video). Loonatics episode 7 features Chris Grenier and many others. The House of 1817 presents the Critters. Westbound Boarder is looking for the best yard sale shot.


Zak Hale, Alex Andrews, Bode Merrill and Harrison Gordon show five tricks. Kyle Mack is such a good rider. This edit is called Beers and Spliffs. Whitelines sells sex. Wisconsin had its best week ever. The Arctic Challenge publishes the list of confirmed riders. Here's Victor Simko's part from Poachers X. We really like this Analog flask.


Mammoth's main park looks dynamite. This is what our Knowledge regular would look like if you fimed it (and Scott Stevens and Sean Black). Kazuhiro Kokubo talks to ESPN.



Now that Ispo is over we post the highlights of the Canadian Open and the Air&Style Innsbruck. And some unseen Storming footage from Sammy Luebke. Jamie Nicholls runs home (and does 35 tricks on his way). Iikka Backstrom is still gnarly. The Nike Stairset Battle is over and we have the last highlight video and the teaser for the finals.The Illicit Snowboarder gives us a fabulous lowdown on rider polls. Yobeat shows how long it should take to put out an awesome edit. These two clips campaign heavily for the Timberline resort. Austria now has its own superpipe. Torstein breaks down the Snowbasin Dew Tour slopestyle course. The Roxy girls do Superpark. In the excellent Siberia Teaches trailer our print mag makes a brief appearance (wooooo!). And the Gremlinz are as filthy as it gets.


Jamie Lynn is still the bomb. Everyone in our office, save this sad and lonely internerd, bugger off to the riders draw for the Nike 6.0 Air&Style in Munich and we make our predictions of how round 1 will pan out. Seb Toutant apparently did 6 different doubles in training. Wowzers. We finally post out behind the scenes edit from the Burton European Open, which is great. Whitelines ask the question 'Where is snowboarding headed?' TheMustachio show what happens when tourist skiers tackle kickers, and finally: watch the Sumo hockey fight Ettala posted. Just do it.

As a wise man once said: That's It, That's All. Off to send it at the Air&Style. Cheerio!