Maybe it was down to the SIA trade show in Denver that this week was a little less busy than most others. Which is not to say that there wasn't enough awesomeness around to fill an entire day clicking yourself through these links and watching rad videos, reading cool interviews, and shaking your head at all the nonsense we found. Welcome to This Week in Snowboarding 5/2011!


The SIA continued in Denver. Here are a few reports from day 2: Yobeat, TW Snow, Snowboarder Mag,The Angry Snowboarder. Torstein Horgmo lays down some sort of triple at the X Games Big Air. YKWII goes Northstar in this good edit. Yobeat's rejected edits continue to be fun to watch.


SIA goes into its third day: Yobeat, The Angry Snowboarder, Shayboarder all report from the trenches. Xavier De Le Rue gets some Euro lines in. The Runs Episode 9 shows some runs with the Griffin bros. TW Snow posts Sunday in the Park Episode 8. Mikkel Bang becomes a Frend. Kyle Mack is the next big thing. Oh, and a lot of things went down at the X Games, but we decided to post all of it on...


We create an extraordinarily popular X Games: All Winners, All Videos post. (and Yobeat missed them alltogether) The Helgasons release a teaser for Sexual Snowboarding, and Sandbox their Day and Age teaser. Xavier De Le Rue is out and about in Japan. Videograss release an early Shoot the Moon teaser. Heikki, Eero, Fredu and Markku ride rails in Helsinki. Nick Lipton explains why he didn't go to SIA. MFM scores some pow. Play Dirty is a new French web thing from Salomon. Rüf, Longo and Sandbech are featured in an interesting Burn spot. Keep the Change go Elm Creek. And you have to ask yourself the question 'If it's not a Burton, why would I want it?'



Mads Jonsson is an awesome guy who scores more pow than you and us combined. and Jesmond Dubeau's full part from Hello World drops on TW Snow, and the same guys also post the Retrospect Bear Mountain montage. Club Boya have some double line fun, and Knaack & Co. have some fun wherever they are. Chas Guldemond shows the world how to do a back rodeo melon. The Critters ride Brighton. We have a lot of savage snowboard slams. Ethan Morgan pulls the smallest front 10, ever. Pleasure Mag travels to Svalbard in this clip. We pick the winners of our big-ass Artec design comp. Brandon Hobush and Johnny Castro slay some Bear feature. The second Hana Beaman P.S. webisode drops.


The YES. crew hits the Kootenays. Jeremy Jones talks snow on ESPN's site, Jenny Jones talks X Games on our site, and Chris Carr talks to Yobeat. Here's the Mountain High Drive In #3. The Nike Stairset Battle went to Italy. TWSnow publish their SIA video gallery. The Nebelhorn resort gets its superpipe (link in German). Here's some park riding extravaganza.



We have the Working for the City teaser, and the Levitation Project team edit, and three Videograss Shoot the Moon clips (oh, and sometimes their filmers freak out). Alex Tank now rides for Clast, and it is looking good. Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagström go pow hunting. The Angry Snowboarder went trend hunting. And Torstein hates fans.


The Air&Style Innsbruck is coming up, and here's a jump check, and Jamie Nicholls warming up for it. Buoloco enter the fancy world of short web edits. For those who spent the past few years in detention ESPN explains what a Burton Stash park is. Another Canyons webisode appears here. Jamie Anderson, a lot of backlight, and some Argentina are to be seen here. Eddie Grams releases some kind of demo reel. Some crazy sumo riding goes down in Finland. And the Dope II teaser easily out-weirds Comune et al.

If you didn't like these links you're probably more inclined to be into wrestling. Now enjoy your weekend and see you next week!