Rally to March Madness

We're back in black, full of links, and tired from a week of combing the wide prairies of the internet. In other words: It's This Week in Snowboarding again!


We launch a new Dragon goggle design contest. Quiksilver launch their Cinematic Video Series. Lorenz Holder releases a great image slideshow. Yobeat keeps rejecting those bad edits. The Roxy Refreshments go 8mm. Ted Borland had a good day on the hill. Even in Tahoe people go backyard boarding. And Jesus shreds!


Bobby Meeks turns 58, or so they say. Ice Coast Kills Shit rides the Ice Coast in style (and bought a new ICKS neon sign). Aimee Fuller edits a short clip of the Rip Curl Sista Sessions. TWSnow.com has those exclusive Sunday in the Park edits, and they are good. Snowboarder Mag strikes back with the Seven Deadly Edits: Episode 1. Oh, and Yobeat throws a The Runs double feature into the game.


Our Snurf Ya Later noboard edit gets crazy many Facebook 'likes'. Isenseven shred a private park and play around with BB guns. Torstein Horgmo's part gets remixed. True Color release their new teaser. The full movie Homies III drops. We professionally wrap up the Dew Tour in Killington. XDLR and AFM win the FWT stop in Chamonix. The Stop... Hammertime! Silverton part drops. We finally learn what a Noodle whip is.



Shut Up is a free shred flick from Slovenia. Enough Said is the Nitro Sweden team movie. Crewzin goes Rome SDS. Gigi Rüf plays football and does ho-hos in his last Talking Headz episode. Andreas Wiig and Torstein Horgmo get in some park laps. Björn Lindgren scores some pow. Alex Tank and Tom Klocker visit Helsinki. The 32 team visits Mammoth. Jonas Carlson's The Storming part gets remixed. The Roxy Girls continue to report from the Chalet Girl set. Here are 5 Videograss Tricks. And the new Todcast season begins.


The Helgasons launch Lobster Snowboards. Elias Elhardt & friends have a fun day shredding. Gus Engle has a rad backyard. Kimmy Fasani might have stomped a double backflip. Jess Kimura is pretty badass - "Fuck dude you ain’t seen nothin’ yet." Tahoe Dangerzone battles out the North vs. the South Lake. Welcome Home II hails from Argentina. Spaniards slay stairset. Footyfiend.com releases a good Whistler park edit. The Angry Snowboarder shares a great retail story. And this is a mad mini ramp!



We try to sell yet another print edition of our magazine. Travis Rice speaks to ESPN about stuff that matters, and so does Sage Kotsenburg. XDLR slays Japan. The Ride Shakedown comes to Europe. Nicolas Müller is featured in our dektop wallpaper of the week, and the Rumorator picks up on his unique fashion style. Halldor sends it long at X Games training. Dylan Thompson knows how to do his back lips.


The Pirates Gigi Rüf history continues. Shaun White qualifies first at the X Games superpipe qualifiers. The SIA tradeshow in Denver kicks off, and the Angry Snowboarder as well as Yobeat have recaps of day 1. Going Green is an upcoming flick from Minnesota. Thirtytwo drop their AM movie AMMO. Terje, Solberg and Kalbermatten rip Russia. Think Thank drop their first new teaser. And Halldor shows you a Lobster board in action.

That's all for now. See you next week. Now go shred it!