Age: 20

Years riding: 8

Sponsors: Flow, Bollé, Globe shoes, Grenade, Frontline

Stance: +22, –9, and pretty wide

Nationality: Swedish

Hobbies: Pocket-pingpong, skate, wake skate, nature

Music: Pretty much anything

Favourite resort: Stockholm street rails, USA parks, European powder

Favourite trick and why: Anything Cab, because they’re so damn easy!

For someone who is from the mountains, it always comes across as a bit weird how anyone from, say, Stockholm or Gothenburg, or any other mountainless town in the world for that matter, manages to become a great snowboarder.

It seems like these people’s devotion has to be so much greater to overcome the hurdle of the distance to proper resorts and the lack of snow at their home hillocks.

But then it makes sense that these individuals work so much harder when the chance to ride quality terrain is given; work ethics and an attitude that will be picked up by sponsors, magazines and photographers.

Viktor Ardfors is one these hard-working individuals. He is from Gothenburg, where it hardly ever snows. A few years after strapping into a snowboard for the first time, he started at the snowboard school in Malung, Sweden – a period of time that he describes as the best of his life. After graduation, he took the trip over the pond and started riding for Flow in the States. Although being part of a cracking team with a predominantly Scandinavian cast, he realises he’s been hanging out in the US a bit too much, and hopes to get a few bangers in for Factor Films on his home turf this season.