[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

We wrap up Travis Rice week here on Onboardsnowboarding.com by finding out what the hell the title of the movie means, and see what he's got planned for this winter.

Right then. What’s the story behind the name of the film?

- That’s It, That’s All? [laughs] Yeah, it’s a funny name. We kind of went back and forth, we had a placeholder name, it was called Shedding Light for the first year I think. And then we kinda changed it to That’s It, That’s All. The name has a couple different meanings behind it. I think one of them would be, for myself personally and Curt, the effort that we put into this film… it was kind of like all the effort I had to give as well as him; the amount of work that was involved and trying to push the level that I feel that we were able to get to. And so the That’s It, That’s All is kind of like: that’s all we have to give. That’s everything we had to lay down into this film. The quote is actually from a film, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a film called FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition). It’s kinda a Canadian indie film and if you watch it you’ll see why, it’s a touching quote in the film and I guess to put a little more edge on it and our kind of sarcasm to go along with making this film.

So what of your plans for this coming season? Will you be taking it easy on the film-making front or have you got another project in mind, or is it going back to just filming a part?

- I dunno you know. I have a couple of things… I haven’t really decided. I mean it’s gonna be Absinthe’s 10 years. I’m a huge fan of Absinthe and I’m definitely thinking about possibly trying to link up with those guys. We have another project that Curt and I at Brain Farm are working on and if we do that it’s really more like a 5 week project but we’re not sure yet. But I think we are working on major plans to do a project for 2010.

That’s It, That’s All.