[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

Day 5 of Travis Rice week, and we find out what the man thinks about contests. And don't forget that Travis is on the road in Europe now, touring the major cities with his cinematic epic, That's It, That's All. More info HERE.

You do a few contests but obviously you film a bunch as well. What’s your ideal balance? How seriously do you take contests in the grand scheme of things?

- I enjoy contests. I always have. I’ve done a fair amount of contests since I first started snowboarding. Yeah, I mean I enjoy them, they push people’s riding. They can give a podium/stadium canvas for the youth to come up and a couple of the major contests such as the Air & Style… I mean I think the last 2 Air & Styles have just been a testament to what contests can be. The last couple of years I’ve definitely had some other focuses, other goals. 2 years ago I kind of made a run of the TTR. I think I ended up 3rd or something and you know so that was definitely a pretty committed effort to try to get 3rd on the TTR. There’s a lot of heavy competitions involved to get there. This year, honestly, in the back of my head I’ve kinda thought about maybe trying to do it one more time so I guess for me time will tell but I’m gonna do the first couple contests of the year, try to go to the first two 6 Stars and see how it goes.

More tomorrow...