[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

Day 1 of TRice week sees the man chat about hiring Peter Jackson's heli man, and his personal vision for That's It, That's All.

We gotta ask. There’s rumours going round Europe that you employed one of the heli cam guys from Lord of the Rings. Can you confirm or deny that?

- [laughs] Yeah, I can confirm that. Any type of aerial cinematography that you see there, we used the same cine pilot – the pilot who does all the shots – and basically the pilot is everything when it comes down to those shots really working out. And then we used another guy Peter Jackson, um… No we used this other guy Peter Thompson as one of our operators down there who helped out with some of the Lord of the Rings stuff, but the aerial operator who Peter Jackson uses on any films in New Zealand is the guy that we worked with. His name is Alfie. He’s the fuckin' man.

Can you sum up what you want to convey with the movie?

- To me the real goal was to… I think first and foremost we care about our core market, like our fellow snowboarders, our peers in the sport. You know, I’ve seen a couple of films with some bigger budgets like First Descent or whatever that are geared more towards the layman, the people who are outside snowboarding, and I personally really didn’t like that film. There was some good parts to it but just the overall feel, I mean anybody that was a real true snowboarder… I mean I liked the historical aspect of it but as far as the action… you know, to me the snowboarding looks so fucking pussy. So I think our goal with this film was to basically appeal to the core, but we wanted to also convey the beauty of snowboarding and what it’s like to actually go get lost in nature and get people up off the couch and motivate them to travel and go find their own adventure. I think that’s the big thing. We really wanted to be able to show it to the punk rock 16 year old snowboarder and have him be fucking stoked and also be able to have the movie really appeal and stimulate someone who’s 50 years old and never snowboarded before.

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