[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

Rice week vol. II sees Trav chat about how he approaches taking his riding - and therefore snowboarding - to the next level.

Personally, how do you prepare yourself for stepping up to hit that real serious stuff?

- Definitely a part of it is just buckling down and stepping up at times when you really need to. But I would say I am calculated. I mean, I was able to ride these last 2 years and stay injury free, and actually [that's] one of the coolest statistics... and I kinda didn’t really realise this until I watched the Forum teaser and talked with a couple of the guys on the Forum team and just how, basically, everyone on their team got hurt this year filming for that film. And nobody got hurt on the 2 years of production for our film. I was super stoked, man. And a lot of it has to do with stepping it up on your own terms. Not just going crazy because the camera’s rolling, but wanting to do it for yourself, to challenge yourself personally.

And out of the guys you were filming with, whose riding got you really pumped?

- Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, as far as the young guns, and then pretty much Nicolas [Müller], Mark Landvik… I probably rode most with Mark Landvik through the film. So just some other guys, Mark Carter, a local kid from Jackson, and Brian Iguchi – I did a couple of trips with Brian. Not a bad crew at all. A pretty epic crew…

More tomorrow...