[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

We asked the Travosaurus Rice to gaze into his crystal ball for Day 3.

You've been pushing the envelope of progression with the off axis spins of late. What do you think’s next? Do you think you’re at the limit now or do you have some other stuff in mind for when it starts snowing again?

- I don’t know man. It’s a funny question because I think I’ve heard that type of question every year since I’ve been snowboarding professionally. 5 years ago people were like, ‘What more can people do in the pipe?’ you know, and now these days guys are making 1080s look good, they’re putting their own style into it and it doesn’t just look like some sketchy huck. You know, [same with] gap jumps to riding lines in AK… I think there’s no answer to that question because I just think about when I was a kid growing up and seeing snowboard videos and seeing people do 7s and shit in the backcountry and just being like, ‘Oh my god’, you know? Seeing competition lines, backside rodeos, the switch backside 5 was like the epic trick, and you look at what kids are exposed to these days and where they set the level, as in ‘Oh, well that’s what the pros are doing'. I think it’s a really relative question. I definitely couldn’t answer it. I just think about what kids watch all day every day in skating, surfing and snowboarding and, fuck, I couldn’t imagine watching the level of riding today as a kid and being like, ‘Oh, Ok. Well that’s what they’re doing’. I see kids doing 9s like it’s nobody’s business. They’re like 13 years old and in the park.

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