[Photo: Tim Zimmerman.]

Travis Rice week continues on Day 4 with words on the virtues of taking it out the park.

Guys like Nicolas Müller, and yourself for that matter, are totally at home taking freestyle to natural terrain and putting it in lines. Stuff like that is more creative and artistic?

- Yeah, absolutely. I mean for me I think that’s a huge part, and that part I think will always and forever be there. I think that’s why I and the guys I’m with enjoy travelling and fishing out new terrain around the world cause it’s all finding features and conditions to interpret. Building kickers it’s the same way. You know, the finding the roller and building the wedge. I don’t think we have any of these jumps in the film, it’s too blah de blah, but what I find fun is finding these weird jumps with different transitions and trying to match up the transition perfect and get the speed right and all the elements that have to fit together for it to work. But, of course there’s something to be said for natural terrain freestyle. I think that’ll continue to be the highest echelon of [the sport] as far as when I watch snowboard films the respect I have for people doing that and my aspirations for that. I think it is top notch. We went on a couple trips where we didn’t build a single jump. I think that when I went up to Canada with Nicolas and Terje we did the entire 10-day trip and we didn’t even pack out a lip. It was all just natural riding.

How do you balance out the different varieties of shredding?

- For me it’s just the aspect of snowboarding that I enjoy most of all. You know, standing up above a perfect kicker, nobody’s hit it yet… there’s an essence to that that’s just so fucking exciting and so fun. You know, you’ve spent all this time getting it dialled in and then you and a couple of buddies get to have a session on a kicker… like, that’s awesome, I love that aspect of snowboarding. On the same note you don’t want to just go out and build jumps all the time, you want to go and do some freeriding, you want to… it’s the all-encompassing aspect of it. It’s everything that is snowboarding to me especially, and probably all the guys I’ve been riding with for the last 2 years. Snowboarding’s very multi-faceted: from the streets to the mountains in AK.

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